Starting the fall of 2017 KickStart Athletics will be adding a 2 NEW ELITE Hoops Clinics. This years clinic is open to grades 4-8 for boys & Girls. Clinic information can be found by clicking HERE for the clinic flyer.

​​KickStart Athletics Clinic List

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Boys Basketball - Fall

Boys Basketball - Summer

Girls Basketball - Winter

Baseball - Winter

Hockomock Hit Club - Winter   

Boys Soccer - Summer

Girls Soccer - Summer

Football - Summer (2017 Cancelled)

Cheer Skills & Drills- Summer

Speed &Strength - Summer

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Friday July 29, 2016

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Keep an eye out for future KickStart Clinics

KickStart Athletics mission applies to all sports. As our program grows so will our sports clinics. We hope to offer a variety of pre-season training clinics covering many different sports for all 3 athletic seasons as well as speed and agility clinics. Check back with us later this year for more information.

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2017 Elite Basketball Clinics

Elite Shooting & Offensive Moves 10/9

​Elite Skills, Drills, Special Situations 11/10

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2013 Girls Basketball KickStart Clinic

KickStart Testimonials

"My son enjoyed KickStart very much, this is the first year he did any type of camp/clinic to get ready for football season. He usually dreads the first 2 weeks of conditioning, but thanks to KickStart he feels ready for the start of the season!"

                                                    -Kathy Larkin

"An organized, Skills based motivational program for any kids that play sports!"

                             -Lisa Tarantinio

"Connor had a blast & loved every second of this clinic. It got him beyond pumped for the start of practice/season. Wished it was longer. Great job! He will be back next year!"

                             -Leslee Murphy

"Great clinic for beginners and advanced players. Coaches were knowledgeable and positive the entire clinic. We are very happy and our children will be returning!"

                             -Amy Kiser

"Great way to get ready for the season! Gave my child the confidence to go into the season ready to play!!!"

                             -Duane Bryant

2016 Big Red Football Clinic Pictures of the Day

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, educational and affordable youth SPORTS clinic, with personal and professional instruction for all skill levels.


Kick Start Training Clinics include both a fundamental and advanced technique program emphasizing individual instruction. Players will enhance their game by receiving technique and drill instruction on position specific skills. Additional drills will be used to improve speed and agility. The coaching staff will teach both strategy and appreciation for the game, particularly the qualities of sportsmanship.



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